#1 I don't movement stories

By Drum Digital
16 March 2011

In 2008 I experienced terrible abuse, by a man who was supposed to be my husband. I caught him cheating when I visited him, he didn't know I was coming.

He told the other girl to go home because he wasn't interested in her, but I decided to go and leave him.I tried to leave his home but that's when it happened.

He grabbed me by hand and started to beat me, I was lying there crying myself to death.

He then went to the kitchen and opened the door, I thought he went somewhere far and I tried to escape.

On my way to the kitchen door I met him standing there and he was holding a stick.

I was tired of crying I didn't know what else to do, I cried so loud when he was busy beating me but no one came to rescue.

After beating me he then pulled me to bed and had sex with me whenever he wanted to until the next day.

When my sister called his number and enquiring about me, he sad he didn't know where I was.

My sister realised that something was not right, she and her husband found me in his home, that’s how I was rescued.

They took me to hospital, I was hospitalised for three days. Everyone was advising me to lay charges against him, but I was afraid because he would call and threaten to kill me.

He even told me one of his family members has a connection within the police and the case wouldn’t go very far.

After a month I received a call from his grandfather, he had died and his family were blaming me for bewitching their child.  I hate him, even to this day I still do. I'm glad that no one will ever experience what I have.

*The writer of this story wanted to remain anonymous.

I don’t movement is an anti-abuse movement created by Nonkuleko Ndlovu. She produced a film with the same name, featuring Penny Lebyane and Thuli Thabethe, which looks at domestic abuse in the country.

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