10 free (or incredibly cheap) things to do with your kids this Easter holiday

By Drum Digital
10 April 2017

Spending the long Easter holiday trying to entertain your kids doesn’t have to fill you with dread. Here are 10 cheap ways to keep them busy!

Get stuck in to some Easter crafts

Whether it’s a paper basket, a cardboard bunny or decorated boiled eggs – your kids will love the opportunity to create (and mess) with you. You can even use the crafts to decorate your Easter dinner table.

Take a trip to the library

Remember the library? It’s a place that houses hundreds of books (and now movies!) which you and your kids can read or loan for free! What’s more, public libraries often offer free holiday programs which include craft workshops, movies and even puppet shows. Simply contact your public library to find out if they have anything offer these holidays

Start a winter garden

You’ll beat rocketing food prices by growing your own produce and your kids will love whiling away the hours in the dirt with you. All you need is good soil in a small area of your garden that gets enough sun and water to have yourself a healthy supply of vegetables by the time winter sets in.

Make a mini movie

Instead of watching a movie – get your kids to write, plan and film one. You can let them write a screenplay, plan their characters and then use a video recorder or smart phone to film it. Many computers come with free movie editing features but if yours didn’t simply watch the filmed clips in sequence and enjoy your kids’ handiwork!

Explore the great outdoors

Many parks and outdoor trails have reduced rates during school holidays and also run special programmes for kids. Visit your local park to find out if they are offering any exciting outdoor adventures this holiday. If you don’t have any luck then simply pile your kids into the car for a hike along a nature trails or nearby forest.

Set up a spa

This one is an especially good idea for moms who have little girls who are always trying to break into her make-up bag. Pack out all the nail polishes and make-up and set up a mini spa where you all take turns to pamper each other. You can paint your kids’ nails, do their hair and makeup, massage them – or let them provide spa services to you.

Bake with them

Let the kids help you bake for your Easter celebrations and don’t be scared to let them get creative! Let them use cookie cutters, small dishes or their hands to bake (and mould) their own little cakes or cookies.

Do a spring clean

Spending time with your kids is less stressful when the messy linen cupboard is not weighing on your mind. So why not get the little ones to join in on the cleaning action?  The holidays are the perfect opportunity for you and your kids to do a massive clear out. While you tackle the bigger things get the kids to help with simple jobs like matching socks into pairs or hanging up washing.

Spend a day outdoors 

Maybe after the spring clean you and your kids can do an ‘outdoor’ day. You can get them involved with pitching a tent, braai-ing some marshmallows and as a reward have maybe even have an Easter egg hunt.

Give back

Identify a safe area where you and your kids can drop off Easter eggs (or even the Easter baskets which they’ve made) to little ones who are less fortunate. You and your kids can even try to join up with an organization that has an Easter charity event planned.

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