10 fun family activities

By Drum Digital
27 November 2015

Parents, you may be tired from work but don’t take the easy route this holiday and let your children vegetate with electronics. With just a bit of time and effort, you can plan family activities that everyone can enjoy together.

Depending on your children’s ages, sit down as a family and decide what to do. Agree that everyone will participate, even if the activity isn’t their choice. And if you need some help, most malls have activities for children of all ages. Check your local newspapers for details of events in your area.

Here are more suggestions:

Movie nights.

Rent some DVDs rustle up some popcorn and cold drinks and sit back for a marathon movie session. Decide on a theme (e.g. action, comedy or drama) and watch three movies back-to-back or all the movies in a series, e.g. Star Wars, Iron Man, all the different super heroes or some Disney classics.

You can also consult a TV guide and watch different movies on TV, hopping from one channel to another.

Read together. With smaller children, take turns to read a story. Or, each person can sit down with a book of their choice and read in the same room.

Board games. From snakes and ladders to chess, Monopoly, word or card games, games are a great way to bond.

Baking and cooking. Make Christmas gifts for family and friends. Involve younger children who will enjoy decorating the cookies. This is also a great time to teach older children how to make simple meals.

Gardening. Plant flowers, shrubs or trees, and let your child make a rain gauge to measure the summer rainfall.

Home improvement. Clear out the garage or cupboards, rearrange the furniture in a room in the house or paint a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen together.

Create your own slideshow or movie. Use your phone camera or video to take photos to put together as a slideshow, or come up with a simple movie script to act out.

Be active. Have your own dance competitions, offering small prizes for the most creative dancer. Play soccer or cricket in the yard, swim or go to a sports match together.

Go outdoors. Visit parks for a picnic, go to the nearest zoo or take a cultural tour and visit museums or places with historical significance. At night you can lie on a blanket outside and look at the stars or check out the Christmas lights in town or in the neighbourhood.

Be socially responsible. Teach your children to be aware of others in greater need by visiting orphanages, hospitals or old age homes or taking a meal to a needy family.

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