10 interesting facts about businesswoman, Ayanda Ncwane

By Mpho Tshikhudo
01 September 2016

For all her strides in business and philanthropy, Ayanda Ncwane remains something of an enigma.

The brains behind the Annual Gospel All Stars, a popular crossover gospel festival held on 31 December in Durban, she’s endorsed by the eThekwini Municipality to organise the popular event. Here are 10 facts we bet you didn’t know about her:

1. She’s a profound singer. Yes, Ayanda can actually hold a tune.

2. She’s the creator of the Ayanda Ncwane Women’s Carnival, an annual event in her home town, Ndwedwe in KwaZulu-Natal. The event is meant to encourage dialogue among the Durban women’s community and it allows them to exhibit their businesses.

3. One of her secret talents is crossing her eyes and shaking them really fast. It’s one of Beyoncé’s talents, too. Ayanda can also do impressions and imitate people’s voices.

4. She always leads the studio in prayer when it’s time for her husband, Sfiso, to lay down new material.

5. She doesn’t drink alcohol.

6. She can’t go a day without prayer and her cellphone. “I also strangely carry two bags at a time,”  she says.

7. She’s a trained opera singer and fancies herself a farmer. “I think I was born an actress and opera singer. I did drama at school and was trained to sing opera since I was seven years old. I grew up as a girl scout. I know I am a farmer; I started planting with my granny as early as 11 years old,” she says.

8. She goes on a fast at least once a month. “Every Tuesday is my covenant day with my husband and children.”

9. By her own account, she also plays a musical instrument. “I’m a beginner on keys.”

10. She’s not pedantic about her beauty routine. “I kinda have a laissez-faire attitude to that aspect of my life. No special routine besides the proverbial three-step routine that involves moisturising. I always fight with my beautician because I always forget my peel appointments but I try to do it at least once a month.”

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