10 Reasons why you shouldn’t leave your kids alone for 10 minutes

By Drum Digital
16 April 2014

Being a parent can be a wonderful blessing, but some days it can be a pain. You know, those days you simply can’t turn your back for a second, let alone 10 minutes? Here are 10 such instances that will have you laughing out loud – unless of course you took the photo!

1. Laptops shouldn’t be left unsupervised – ever!

Pic credit: viralnova.com

2. Food facials can take place quicker than you can say “spaghetti in a tin”.

Pic credit: viralnova.com

3. . . . and peanut butter is good for an all-over body treatment!

Pic credit: shechive.com

4. Potty training: you could be doing it wrong.

Pic credit: viralnova.com

Pic credit: shechive.com

5. Who needs to buy expensive art?

Pic credit: twinpossible.com

6. . . . or get professional painters?

Pic credit: guzer.com

7. Leaving little chefs alone in the pantry could have egg-cellent results.

Pic credit: theberry.com

8. But it might be best to supervise the tasting of their creations.

Pic credit: technocrazed.com

9. This is why there’s a really big difference between a normal marker and a permanent one.

Photo credit: viralnova.com

10. And lastly, remember to keep a close eye on your kids because you never know what they’re planning next.

Pic credit: shechive.com

-Compiled by Janine Nel

Sources: viralnova.com, shechive.com, theberry.com, guzer.com, technocrazed.com, twinpossible.com

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