10 reasons you need a digital presence

By Drum Digital
17 July 2014

If you don't tell the story you want people to find - Google will

You are your own brand. Jobs will come and go but the brand that stays with you forever is you.

Today the way you, as a brand, show up online is as important as the way you show up in person.

  • Your online footprint is a reflection of who you are
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  • Most recruiters use social media to find their next employees
  • Prospective clients, employers and business opportunities are searching for you  online
  • The lack of a digital presence sends a message that you're either behind the current or have plenty to hide
  • Traditional CVs are boring and don't give you as much room to be yourself
  • Your digital presence allows you to share your views and relevant content with like minded people and to position yourself as an expert and an influential mind
  • You may run your company but your company's brand presence alone is not enough
  • First impressions still count and they now happen online.
  • Your digital presence opens doors, creates new connections and keeps you marketable and relevant. It deserves your attention


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