10 things you didn't know about Miss Bhoza

By Molife Kumona
30 April 2017

I consider myself an entertainment dictionary- Bhoza

KAYA FM recently mentioned that artist manager Bhoza Mphela is one of South Africa's longest standing artist manager and also a force in the music industry. Bhoza who is manager to DJ Ganyani is a former radio personality and an events planning expert. DRUM chatted to her to find out 10 things you didn't know about her.

  1. I represented my high school in a debate competition and brought back a medal for my school.

  1. I used to run away from home at the age of 16 to 17 so that I can go and attend dance and music competitions. My then friends started an all girl dancing club “The Cosby kids”. We lived for music.

  1. I love baking. I find it therapeutic. It gives me peace and always brings me closer to my late mom.

  1. I was depressed for a few years after losing my mom in 2012. No one had prepared me for the emptiness I would feel by losing the person who was my pillar of strength and my critic.

  1. I talk to random people everywhere I go. I do not have to know people to start conversations with. Sometimes it freaks them out, some join in and are thankful at the end.

  1. I love complimenting people. We achieve so much by being nice to people. Most people walk  around with issues and problems that they hide well behind smiles. By complimenting them you give them some hope which starts with them.

  1. I believed in Black Coffee when he started out deejaying. I used to put him on at my gigs to get people to know him. Today he is international. I always big him up on his drive and success knowing his journey

  1. I love pap and eggs. I can eat this everyday, all my life. And give away my meat.

  1. I consider myself an entertainment dictionary. I know everything there is to know about trends and music. Explains why I have a radio presenter background.

  1. I am a tv-holic. I cannot even read or study in a quiet room.

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