12 Interesting Facts About Sophie Ndaba

By Mpho Tshikhudo
08 March 2017

Here are some facts that you don’t know about popular TV actress, Sophie Ndaba.

She’s one of the country’s most glamorous thespians. What’s more, she is known for her business savvy as celebrity wedding planner and her talents as TV actress. Here are some facts that you don’t know about popular TV actress, Sophie Ndaba:

She believes in prayer

I observe the 21-day Daniel fast almost every year. And, in between, I will find time to consecrate myself and have a period of fasting now and again.

She’s quite musical

I pretend I know how to play the piano but I don’t. My son has a keyboard and, now and again, I “steal” it so I can play a few chords. I did a few music lessons growing up but I didn’t follow through.

She had her first kiss at the age of 16

It was with my first-born daughter’s father. I didn’t know I could kiss.

She’s excessively pedantic about her beauty routine.

I go to the steam room at the gym once a week. I mask my face every fortnight with avocado and lemon juice. I do it myself. What’s more, I drink a lot of lemon water.

She believes in flirting.

I think it’s healthy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. It depends on how far you take it. You can do it for fun, taking into consideration your relationship status at the time.

In her mind she’s flirting with…

I’m flirting with my person. He’ll remain nameless for now. We are building right now so I don’t want cracks in this thing. So I can’t name him yet.

I can’t go a day without . . .

My phone, Samsung J7.

Kenny G or Kirk Whalum

Now you tell me. You can’t make me choose. I love both Kenny and Kirk.

IOS or Android

Definitely Android! You have to be savvy to navigate IOS.

Red or white wine

I’d say red but nothing in alcohol is healthy. We humans drink because it’s the done thing. Si thandi zinto (we love things). But red wine is better in my opinion.

Everything in moderation but…

Avocados and ice cream. I love fruits, especially avocados. I also love ice cream. Those two are always in my fridge.

Her childhood celebrity crush is Malik Yoba from New York Undercover

I used to like Denzel Washington as well.

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