18 people are shot and killed every day in South Africa: Gun Free SA

By Drum Digital
09 January 2015

Gun Free South's Claire Taylor says 18 people are shot and killed every day in the country.

Nthabiseng Ramoroka (7) lost her life after a stray bullet pierced into her head in Mamelodi East, Gauteng.

The Star reports that a married couple were arguing when the wife ran into the Ramoroka home to hide from her husband.

The husband followed her into the girl's house with his gun and shot at his wife but the bullet missed her to only hit and kill Nthabiseng.

On Wednesday, Lana Perreira Marques was shot dead by her husband while filling out domestic violence documents against him at Parkview police station.

These stories are tragic but they seem to just be another statistic in the country.

Claire Taylor from Gun Free South says that, "18 people are shot and killed every day in South Africa."

Taylor believes that these incidents and these numbers cannot be blamed on the way that the firearm control act is structured but rather on its implementation and the gaps present in it.

"The act has not been implemented properly and secondly, there are gaps on how the public can protect itself from those who threaten their lives with guns," says Taylor.

"Women often call wanting to report that their lives are being threatened by their partners with guns but they cannot report this anonymously," continues Taylor.

Firearms are usually purchased by people to protect themselves but it usually ends in unexpected tragedy.

"People who own guns usually don't intend on killing people but unfortunately, some people are  reckless in the way they use guns because when they lose their temper or drink too much, they use them," adds Taylor.

When the statistic is put into perspective, 162 people have already been shot and killed since the beginning of 2015.

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