#2 I don't movement stories

By Drum Digital
16 March 2012

I'm 24 years. I was involved in an abusive relationship for 2 years. My partner was very insecure and he abused me for his own in securities.

He started by abusing me emotionally before it got physical. He used to call me names like Sefebe, b***h and other sorts of nasty names.

Sometimes we'll do the dance and after that he'll accuse me of sleeping around because he didn't feel me, then he'll start calling me sefebe.

It was very hurtful but I couldn't get out of the relationship because I loved him.

He'll call me at 2am and if I don't pick up the phone it means that I'm sleeping with another man.

The time I stood up for myself and said enough was enough was when he tried to hit me with 6 pack of Hunters Extreme bottles.

After that day I packed my bags and never looked back. During those two years I've learned a lot. Love doesn't hurt, if it hurts then its not love.

*The writer of this story wanted to remain anonymous.

I don’t movement is an anti-abuse movement created by Nonkuleko Ndlovu. She produced a film with the same name, featuring Penny Lebyane and Thuli Thabethe, which looks at domestic abuse in the country.

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