2 minutes with DJ Sliqe

By Qhama Dayile
21 July 2016

It was during this time that I lost interest in what I was studying. I felt it did not challenge me, and I decided to leave varisty to be a full-time Dj.

Real name Lutendo Kungoane, Dj Sliqe is no ordinary 24 year old. Born and raised on the South of Johannesburg and proudly Venda, Dj Sliqe shares his journey to fame.

How were you growing up?

I was always an A student in Primary School and High school.

I was very business minded at a young age. After matriculating I went to study Logistsics at The University of Johannesburg (UJ).

When did you decide you want to be a Dj?

While I was studying at UJ , myself and a friend taught ourselves how to Dj as a hobby. We would organise events and from the money we made we would book atleast one famous Dj a moth to feature. From there on wards our events grew and every weekend we were hosting parties in Melville, Johannesburg.

How did your parents react to you dropping out of University?

At the time, I was still living at home. My mom was very supportive. Being the head of the home and the provider, my dad was not happy until he started seeing the fruits of my labour. I started contributing at home and I had to work hard to make sure I prove myself and gain my parents trust. I also had to set an example for my little brother and sister.

When was your big break?

In 2013 I released my first single which I co-produced with sipho ’Pscyfo’ Ngwenya. I had an ear for music, I was a Dj but not yet a producer. After making the beat with Psyfo, he then asked Kwesta to feature. I was already close with the brother of the late rapper Nkululeko ‘Flabba’ Habedi who also featured in the song. After the song was done, we started campaigning, shooting the video and making sure our names were out there.

This year you were nominated at the South African Music Awards for Best remix of the year alongside AKA, Mobi Dixon and The Fraternity and you won. How did that feel?

The feeling is unexplainable, unimagionable and it was something I had never felt before. I felt appreciated.

What are some of the challenges you are facing in the industry?

I have learnt that the industry is not only about making great songs. You need to put in the work, make sure you get your songs played on radio and make sure you are hands on.

Also without funding or a start-up capital, things take longer.

When will your album be released?

My album is coming out in September 2016, the title is still a secret. I do however feature Shekhinah Donell, Da L.E.S , Ma-E, Blakles, Kid X and many more.

Being 24 years old and famous must come with a lot of female fans?

I do, I aprreciate the love and support. Fortunately I know how to set my boundaries with people. I am in a 3 year relationship and I am stress-free.

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