2 minutes with Idols SA Top 5

By Hopewell Mpapu
04 November 2016

The remaining contestants of Mzansi's singing competition, Idols, are scrambling to come up with strategies that will secure them a spot in the top 4 this Sunday

The remaining 4 will jet off to New York where they will be spoilt rotten. We caught up with the top 5, to  chat about their experiences so far and what they each plan on doing to ensure they progress to the top 4 in this week's nail biting show.

Stellenbosch born Tebogo Louw exudes confidence, as he tells us that even if he doesn't win Idols, he'll become bigger than Michael Jackson. "Even if I don't win the singing competition, I'm going to be bigger than Michael Jackson, but I don't want to imitate him, or dance like him. I'm going to be myself and I don't want people to think of Michael Jackson when they think of me, they must think of Tebogo," he said.

Another season favourite Thami Shobede concedes that he's loving the attention "I'm getting from the ladies, it's humbling". "The experience has been amazing on the show and I'm still soaking in the attention I'm getting from the ladies. I don't believe how much love me. I remember I've had some bad performances on the show, but the ladies have always shown me support," he told us coyly.

Off stage Terra Cox is reserved and unassuming, but he also gushes about how well he's been received by the public and "It's a great feeling". "I didn't think I'd make it this far and I seem to have won Randall over, but I don't know how. So far the songs that I chose have worked for and also being comfortable in them," he said.

Noma Khumalo says she's having a great time on the show and that even if she does not make it, she still plans on pursuing a career in music. "I'm super excited about what the country has in store for me in terms of voting," she said.

Lucia Jakeni told us that the experience has been "amazing so far, as we are treated like kings and queens".  She said it's hard work at this stage that works, because they are each required to perform 2 songs, adding that her family is very proud of how's far she's come in the competition.

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