2 minutes with Musa Sukwene

By Drum Digital
26 May 2016

We sat down with the former Idols SA winner before he ascended the stage.

Hardrock Café in Sandton was the place to be on Thursday night as Up & Coming Entertainment hosted their monthly music event. Such an electrifying atmosphere it was with fans singing along to Musa’s catchy and soulful roaster of songs, including the smash hit, Mthande featuring legendary Robbie Malinga.

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What’s the inspiration behind the title of the album?

The inspiration was one of the songs on the album as we were busy recording, titled “Serious”. I looked at my initials, “M. R.” with the “s” as the end. Somehow we got to the point of calling the album “Mr Serious”. It also boiled down to when I was considered a serious guy back then on Idols.

Favourite song on the album?

To be honest, I don’t have a favourite song at this point in time. Every song has a different meaning to it each time I listen to it.

How do you define your music?

I define it as soul; it’s just a soulful journey. I consider this a rainbow album.

Who’s the band you worked with? I have Sabu on drums, Divine on guitar, Qhubukani on base and Bheki on keyboards. Who do you feature on the album? Robbie Malinga who’s also the execute producer on the album, Ntsika (The Soil), Thaso, Riky Rick, DJ Cuebur and Andy Boy.

What do you hope to achieve with “Mr Serious”?

My biggest dream is to see it blow up as big as possible. I want to be recognized as a South African icon when it comes to the soulful part of music in our country.

What’s your message through the album?

Love and unity through everything we are going through in the country right now. Let’s not forget that all we have now is love. Let’s not forget to fall in love

3 things people don’t know about you?

I’m a ball of madness; I’m a very simple soul; and I’ve reached a level of understanding myself as a spiritual being.’

What’s your state of mind right now before going on stage?

I am praying and thinking; I’m letting everything go and just want to go on stage and be me.

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