2 Minutes with Roxy Burger

By Drum Digital
23 May 2016

We recently met up with actress and television presenter Roxy Burger.

We recently met up with actress and television presenter Roxy Burger and spoke to her about her role in the Brutal Fruit PinkDrive initiative, what she's been up to, if she has any kids on the way and even how many cats she has.

So Roxy, Tell us how your involved in the PinkDrive and what made you decide to get involved?

-This is my second year taking part in the Brutal Fruit PinkDrive Game, it's a celebrity game and we all come together and we play for Brutal Fruit on their team 'The Mango Goji's', and yeah, it's pretty cool, we're trying to bring awareness to the PinkDrive and what they do, their an organisation that basically creates awareness about breast cancer, which actually also affects men, some people think only women are affected by breast cancer but its both. We encourage people to get in touch with them, they do mobile mammogram units so you can go and get tested and checked out.

So tell us what you've been up to, what else is Roxy busy with?

-I've been filming with Top Billing and I also produce 5fm's Youtube channel so we've been doing a whole bunch of cool content for 5fm and its like a visual element or extension for 5fm just like DRUM online is a visual element or extension of DRUM so it's the same sort of thing, we're filming cool stuff and getting cool content and getting extra content that people don't get to see on radio because radio is like for listening.

Another thing I'm also doing is my own blog, my own website and I'm really enjoying curating the content there, I've got different things that I do there from fashion to beauty and I've got an opinion section where I give other women like myself a platform to express themselves on anything and everything so those are some of the projects I'm working on and I'm really enjoying them.

We know you got married some 2 and a half years ago, are there any babies on the way?

-Not just yet, but in the near future. Both my husband and I, we're still working really hard, we're both quite career focused but we'll slow down soon or eventually, but I do have cats, so does that count?

How many cats do you have?

-I've got 3, its ridiculous I'm gonna become a cat lady one day.

So tell us 5 things you'd want someone else to know who wants to follow exactly in your footsteps

-If your going to follow in someone else's footsteps do it in your own way and follow your own path.

-People are going to say NO to you a lot, people tend to look at our careers and say "wow she's so lucky" but we've got to hundreds of auditions and we've been turned down a lot and its tough so be prepared.

-be persistent, be resilient and be consistent. If you are consistently professional people will remember you.

-Do it because telling peoples stories is something you genuinely enjoy doing.

-Don't do it for fame, if you want to do it for fame your doing it for the wrong reason.

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