23 percent wont vote in 2014: survey

By Drum Digital
04 July 2013

Almost one in four young South Africans do not plan to vote in the 2014 general elections, a survey by Pondering Panda has revealed.

"It is concerning that almost one in four young people might stay home and not cast their vote in 2014, but what is of even greater concern are their reasons for doing so," said Pondering Panda spokeswoman Shirley Wakefield to Sapa.

The survey found that 23 percent of young people did not intend voting, compared to 74 percent who planned to vote.

3725 people were interviewed across the country between the ages of 18 and 34.

"The vast majority of respondents with no plans to vote feel nothing will change no matter who wins, or that there is no one worth voting for.

According to the Pondering Panda survey about 19 percent of people in each of these provinces said they did not plan to vote.

"There were no significant differences according to age, gender, or race."

The survey found that young black and coloured South Africans were most likely to think nothing would change regardless of the result of the elections.

The interciews for the survey were carried out on cellphones between June 26 and July 1.

Source: Sapa

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