30 years of Hope on Days of our Lives

By Drum Digital
24 May 2013

Veteran actress Kristian Alfonso celebrates 30 years on long-running US soap Days of our Lives

She’s been a pill-popping thief, a policewoman and the wife of Bo Brady. She’s even been dead!

But Kristian Alfonso, who plays the part of Hope on Days of our Lives, is still – well – alive and kicking after 30 years on screen! And after such a long period on TV she says she still sighs with relief when she’s asked to stay on set yet another year.

“When you take things for granted you settle, and I don’t ever want to be that person. There’s always someone younger, prettier and taller who could probably do the job better. That’s why, 30 years later, I still come to work with pride, still ready to earn every cent.”

It’s one of the longest-running daytime television soapies in the world and it remains a firm favourite. In its 47 years on screen, Days of our Lives has captivated audiences with its dramatic reflection of life – filled with mystery, intrigue, comedy and romance.

Some of the core families we’ve seen in the fictitious town of Salem include the Bradys, Hortons and DiMeras. And while we’ve seen many characters come and go, we’ve seen many more stay.

Hope and Bo, one of our all-time favourite couples on the show, progressed from teen love to a fully fledged union through the decades. Bo Brady captivated young Hope Alice Williams’ heart as a teenager and the pair have been inseparable more often than not. They went on to get married and have a son Shawn-Douglas, named after the man who raised Bo ? Shawn Brady. Bo’s biological dad is one-time mobster Victor Kiriakis.

Through the course of the years Bo also discovered he has daughter Chelsea with one-time love Billie Reed, and Bo and Hope have another son, Zac. Later, they also have a daughter, Ciara Alice Brady.

But – as with all romantic relationships ? love doesn’t always conquer all and the pair have had their arguments and break-ups. But Hope, one of TV’s most beloved heroines, seems to be conquering the screen quite consistently as she acknowledges three decades with the celebrated soapie this month.

And just how old could she possibly be if she’s been around for so long? Well, just 49. She began working as young Hope in 1984 at the tender age of 19 ? and we’re so glad to have watched her transform before our eyes.

Faiza Malick

Sources: nbc.com; tvguide.com

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