4th teen necklaced in Etwatwa

By Drum Digital
17 September 2015

A fourth boy has been brutally attacked in Etwatwa on Johannesburg's East Rand where three teenage boys were killed in gang violence this week.

News24 was told that the boy, aged about 17, was set alight around noon on Thursday in Etwatwa, Extension 8. It is believed that he was necklaced, police confirmed.

Ekurhuleni Metro Police were on their way to the scene.

On Sunday, the first teenage boy was necklaced, and then twin boys were killed in the same way on Tuesday. They were 16-years-old.

Residents told News24 this was part of gang violence.

The boy killed on Sunday was said to have been murdered by members of the OVL gang and then, in retaliation the twins - who were members of the OVL gang - were killed on Tuesday.

Source: News24

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