5 Minutes with Zola Hashatsi

By Drum Digital
12 May 2015

I can tweet whatever I want. We all entitled to our own opinions- Zolani

BY: Tsakane Ndlovu



How are you?

I’m very well thanks, I mean it’s a Tuesday.

So what you up too?

I’ve just collected my script from Rhythm City...

Tell us more about you being on Rhythm City?

Well I play a character by the name called Shakes Zondi who is known to be Zondi’s nephew, it was a small character but now I have my own storyline which is fun and very different. What makes it even more fun is that I studied acting so acting has always been my thing. The production team is very cool... Rhythm City is on fire!

Let’s talk about Hush, how is the experience?

The experience is great and amazing, Hush is good tv that people must see, Hush is fresh air. And presenting with Refilwe Modiselle is good and plus I’ve presented with a lot of people like Pearl Modiadie, Pearl Thusi etc it’s nothing new. It’s just that we have different personalities, I’m loud bad and tell it like it is even on social media and on the other hand she’s Refilwe the model.

Have you ever been attacked for your status/tweet?

Yes, actually! I experienced that a few weeks ago when I tweeted about the whole statue saga and Steve Hofmeyr attacked me, It got to a point where we blocked each other. After all it’s my opinion, my twitter page and my timeline... I can tweet whatever I want. We all entitled to our own opinions!

So you present and Act, what else would you like to do? Will we see Zola sing or rap one day?

No, no, let the singing and rapping stick to the people who are good at it. You will not see me rap nor sing in this lifetime. I will be acting and more acting, would also like to continue with producing because I use to produce when I was with Craze. Anything that is Media related and also radio...that would be very interesting but would like to do talk radio and get our youth talking and encourage them to read. We should be a reading nation!

You’ve been in the entertainment industry for years now, what don’t you like about it?

I honestly don’t like the fact that they don’t treat people grand, there’s a lot of pretending and there is a lot of fakeness I mean like people will be giving each other hugs & kisses yet they don’t like each other. I say lets unite and work together and rejoice at each other success.

Looks like you always busy, how often to spend quality  with your family& friends?

Every opportunity I get I make sure I spend it with them those are the real people, those are the real people will be there when there is not Hush or Rhythm City.

What would you tell someone who would like to be a presenter or actor?

Firstly I will say be sure of what you want and what you want to do, do your research and also go to school because it really helps.

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