6 tips to healthy hands and nails

By Drum Digital
23 May 2014

Solution to damaged, brittle and fragile nails

Suffering from dry, brittle nails? Here are some helpful tips to help restore them back to health

6 tips to healthy nails

  1. Soak them in olive oil: For weak, thin nails, soak them in extra virgin olive oil 10-15 minutes a day
  2. Use a cuticle cream:  It helps nourish dry cuticles and brittle, damaged nails
  3. Take a multivitamin daily:  Vitamins are essential for your overall well being and can do wonders for your nails too.
  4. Avoid nail polish remover:  Don't use nail polish remover more than once or twice a month, if possible. And never use a nail polish remover that contains acetone, which can dry and damage nails.
  5. Massage your nails: Massaging your fingernails stimulates blood flow to the area, helping them grow longer and stronger.
  6. Drink lots of water: Drinking water can help hydrate dry, damaged nails, just like it does for hair and skin.

-          www.sheknows.com

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