60's student protest leader, Philip Kgosana, has died

By Drum Digital
20 April 2017

“He’s a fighter by nature and we thought he would live." - PAC

The iconic image of Philip Kgosana leading a student protest on De Waal Drive in Cape Town on 30 March 1960 is one that will remain imprinted in South Africa’s history forever.

It’s no wonder the Pan African Congress (PAC) political party says Kgosana was a fighter and news of his death on Wednesday night was unexpected.

“He’s a fighter by nature and we thought he would live,” says Kenneth Mokgatlhe PAC spokesperson.

He died in a Pretoria hospital at the age of 81 and the PAC says they have not yet received the details on the cause of death.

Philip Kgosana: Picture/YouTube

At the age of 23 Kgosana lead an anti-pass campaign protest in the 1960s and lead over 30 000 protesters to Parliament, he also became a regional leader in the political party

In a statement, the Economic Freedom Fighters said Kgosana’s actions as a youth shows that one is never too young to fight for change.

“We are reminded that there is no such a thing as being too young to carry the baton of the quest of the revolution. In fact, it is the duty of the youth to guard the downtrodden from the fallacies of an oppressive government,” says Mbuyiseni Ndlozi EFF spokesperson.

Last year, Kgosana emulated the march and walked from Langa to central Cape Town to commemorate the protest march he led over 50 years ago.

His march was to raise awareness about the miners who died in Marikana in 2012 and rally voters for the PAC in the municipal elections.

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