7 things to know before and after relaxing your hair

By Qhama Dayile
22 June 2016

Chemical straighteners can be very damaging.

Many people struggle to comb out their hair and sometimes blowouts do not cut it and end up using chemical straighteners.

There are a few things you need to know before and after relaxing your hair.

1: Relaxed hair is weaker than natural hair,  only healthy hair should be relaxed. If your hair is already fragile, you run the risk of damaging it severely.

2: Do not wash your hair or agitate the scalp too soon before relaxing the hair. Wash your hair at least four days before relaxing, this will ensure that your scalp has generated enough natural lubricant to help to protect it during the chemical application process.

 3: Choose a hair relaxer that is gentle on your scalp and hair. Relaxers come in 3 strengths: mild, regular, and super. Understanding the texture of your hair before choosing a relaxer will assist you in choosing what is good for your hair type.

 4: Avoid all curly hairstyles a week before relaxing and make sure your hair is straight and is not tangled.

 5: When relaxing hair, only apply the chemical to new growth and not to previously relaxed hair, as this might damage the already relaxed hair.

 6: After relaxing your hair, do not install a weave or any braids for 2 weeks, as you hair cannot withstand the tension caused by extensions.

 7: Relaxing hair leads to dryness, make sure moisturising is done regularly and sealing regularly to protect the hair.

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