9 interesting facts about Luthando Shosha

By Mpho Tshikhudo
25 August 2016

Luthando Shosha gives a short insight to her likes and tastes as well as her celeb crush

As well as her gift of the gab, she’s known for her great looks and her girl-next-door traits.

Here are some facts that you don’t know about popular TV presenter, Lootlove:

Can’t go a day without . . .

My phone (I now it sounds terrible) or a conversation with someone I love.

Everything in moderation but…

Sneakers. I haven’t counted but I got enough. They are, like, all up on my wall in the bedroom

You wouldn’t know it but I…

I have a phobia for ants. I find them so weird and ugly and then when they are in groups they get my blood running. They creep me out. Quite funny for a tall person.

She believes in prayer and fasting.

The last time I went on a fast was sometime last year. But I’ve been praying a lot. At the time (when she went on a fast) I was praying for order in my life. I felt everything was a bit disorderly.

Red or white wine?

Red because it’s 0-700 real quick. It’s not even 0-100, 0-700 real quick!

She can’t play a single musical instrument well.

I’d like to play piano. I started learning in high school but I never continued.

She’s not pedantic about her beauty routine.

I do go for a peel about once a month. I’m supposed to do it every two weeks but nobody’s got time for that. Apart from that I use one specific product for my face and a certain moisturiser. Nothing cast in stone.

She believes in flirting.

I do believe in flirting. I think it’s very necessary. In my mind I’m flirting with my crush.

Her childhood celebrity crush is Bow Wow

I was totally in love with Bow Wow when I was a kid and I was completely in love with Chris Brown.

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