A boy caught living in a Walmart store

By Drum Digital
17 August 2014

A 14-year old boy has been caught living in a Walmart store for days after running away from his Texas family.

 The boy spent four days in the store in Corsicana, a town about 55 miles south of Dallas, CBS news said. He built a makeshift compound and ate food from the 24-hour supermarket's shelves. The report said the boy changed clothes every few hours to avoid detection, and he was so scared of being caught he even wore diapers to avoid going to the bathroom. Customers did not notice his secret lair, but according to CBS the boy left a trail of garbage that eventually led employees to find him. The boy's name has not been released, but his mother reportedly told police that he has a history of running away from home. There were no suggestions he had been abused at home. The boy was living with an aunt when he ran away on July 28. His parents were out of town. His aunt filed a missing person report but police could not find him until Walmart employees discovered him.

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