A brand new man

By Drum Digital
30 December 2015

Controversial businessman Kenny Kunene tells us more about his new venture - and why he's done with sushi parties

By Siyabonga Kamnqa

We expect to be greeted by young girls in skimpy dresses as we enter the upmarket business establishment. The owner isn't known for holding back when it comes to serious entertainment: Kenny Kunene is known for his infamous sushi sessions where men gobble their food off the bodies of semi-naked women.

But there's nothing of that nature in this trendy place, in the heart of one of Johannesburg's wealthiest suburbs. Instead we're greeted by a smartly dressed staff member who assures us that Mr Kunene will be with us in a moment.

And within minutes, Kenny (45) emerges from the staircase of the double-storey building wearing charcoal pants and a smart shirt with a tie and designer sunglasses. The businessman/ politician/ socialite looks very much in control for a man who has been in the wilderness, following the collapse of his business empire and his fall from grace.

Read more in the 31 December issue of DRUM.

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