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By Drum Digital
14 November 2013

Writing through through the pain.

Born on the 30th November 1988, Nonhlanhla grew up in the South Western Township (Soweto) situated in Gauteng, South Africa. At the age of 12 years she lost her mother through HIV related disease; her father died whilst she was still in her mother’s womb. After matriculating in 2004 she stayed at home for a year then left to pursue her studies at the University of Zululand where she obtained her undergraduate degree in B Com Banking & Honours in Business Management.

This 24 year old young woman is a published author of four (4) books, out of those three are written and published in 2013. Her first book: Life Changes published in the United Kingdom in 2010 is a collection of motivational poems which signifies the phases in life we all go through. Like streams of water, so is our living. Nonhlanhla takes us through some of those common moments which mostly she had to personally undergo. Discovering the answers for the questions of life, it is never easy to find a purpose in life or to know what tomorrow holds. Nonhlanhla’s life testimony brings to light what kept her going when she felt like giving up. Her second book: “Shades of My Brutality” which is her biography constituting of 11 chapters takes us through her personal journey which constitutes of all seasons. As we know life must go full cycle and I herewith share the downfalls and the mountain top moments experienced for the past twenty four years of existence. This books’ back page carries reviews from Wendy Luhabe, Yvonne Kgame, Edith Venter, Rosie Motene, Masingita Masunga and Anusha Singh.

Nonhlanhla had to face emotional downfall, as she’s fragile at heart. She went through trials and tribulations yet remained a prisoner of hope and have survived against various obstacles. In all things she didn’t thrive on dreams but she drove in accomplishment of those dreams. She never rested till her bad became better and her better became best. Her third book is a short story about her mentor since varsity Bridgette Ngobese who’s a colon cancer survivor as she’s been fortunate to get Lillian Dube who’s a cancer survivor herself to do her Foreword.

She is now releasing her fourth book titled: “Overdue Resignation” which is a motivational book that speaks of things and habits we carry in our lives that we should have long parted ways with. Chapters include: Growth less Career, Futureless Relationships, Toxic Friendships, Unhealthy Talks, Selfish Desires, Addictions and Misusing the word “busy”. Legendary actress Vicky Kente did the Foreword.

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