A chance encounter 1/7

By Drum Digital
28 May 2014

A good nurse should never get emotionally involved with her patients

Nurse Ngobo!” Sister Kumalo’s head appeared around the curtain. I was changing the dressing on Mrs Lebogo’s leg.

“Yes Sister,” I answered her, without looking up. It wasn’t that I was rude but Mrs Lebogo had a huge wound on her right leg. I needed to clean it up as fast as I could and redress it for her. It must have been very sore but Mrs Lebogo never complained.

“Accident and Emergency just rang. They’re sending up another old lady.”

Sister Kumalo looked very worried for a moment. I knew she wasn’t concerned about the patient, but the fact that we understaffed at the moment. Already, three new patients had been admitted and it wasn’t even noon yet.

Sister was worried because she thought we might not be able to give the patients all the care and attention they deserved. She looked at the chart she held in her hand.

To be continued.....

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