A chance encounter 2/7

By Drum Digital
30 May 2014

A good nurse should never get emotionally involved with her patients

“Her name is Zandile Gxowa. She had a stroke early this morning. Will you get the bed ready for her as soon as you’re finished up in here?”

“Yes, Sister.”

She looked over my shoulder at the wound I was dressing. She nodded her approval.

“It’s looking good, nurse. How are you feeling today, Mrs Lebogo?”

“I’m all right, Sister,” Mrs Lebogo said.

“You take good care of us in here.”

“That’s what we’re here for!” Sister patted Mrs Lebogo’s arm and with a nod in my direction she hurried out. Later, as I was taking Mrs Gxowa’s vital signs, the curtains switched back and Sister came bustling in once again.

“How is she, Nurse?” she asked briskly.

“No change that I can see, Sister,” I told her. “Her blood pressure is still very high.”

“I’m not happy with her condition, Nurse. I’m going to page Dr Price before he goes off duty.”

Sister beckoned me outside the cubicle. “Stay with her until I come back.”

“Yes Sister,” I said and went back to my patient. I checked her heart and pulse rate. It was at that exact moment that my legs started trembling.

To be continue....

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