A chance encounter 7/7

By Drum Digital
06 June 2014

A good nurse should never get emotionally involved with her patients

“I only asked because she was once a friend of my Mama’s,” I lied.

“What is your Mama’s name, child?”

“Connie,” I said softly. She looked me over for several several moments. Then slowly she shook her head. “I never heard her mention that name.”

“So you knew Connie then?”

“I knew of her,” she closed her eyes. She was telling me that theconversation was over. I felt

somehow that she wasn’t telling the truth.

“Nurse!” Sister came rushing up to me. “I have to go down to Ward 6. Will you keep an eye on things here for me?”

“Yes, Sister. It’s nearly lunch time. I’ll get everything ready.”

She smiled. “I knew I could depend on you, Nurse.”

“She was my daughter,” said Mrs Tsila, suddenly sitting up in bed.

“Who?” I asked, still taken back at the praise Sister had just given me.

“Connie! Who else would I be talking about?” She looked at me as if I’d gone mad.

I would have fallen over if she hadn’t reached out her hand and grabbed me. Her grip was surprisingly strong for her age.

“What is it, Nurse? What have I said?”

Suddenly I began to cry. The tears rolled down my face and I was unable to stop them.

“You’re Neo,” she burst out.

“My granddaughter!”

“Yes, I am,” I whispered.

“You favour your father’s side,” she said.

“Not that I’ll hold that against you.”

“What was he like? What were they both like?”

“They were young when they had you, Neo. But they were crazy about one another.”

“What happened to them?” I whispered.

For a moment she was unable to speak. Then with tears in her eyes she said, “They were both killed in a train accident, long ago. But we’ll have plenty of time to catch up later, Neo. I’d like to get to know you. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes, Gogo,” I kissed her gently on the cheek. “I feel like I’ve lived my whole life waiting

for this moment.”

Gogo’s smile was warm enough to melt the ice shelves in the Antarctic.

THE END.....

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