A cockroach came out of my bag in a taxi, I was so embarrassed

By Misha Solanga
14 July 2017

The situation has gone out of control

Most households suffer from a pest problem but probably not as bad as this.

Gladys Baba a 43 year old resident in Samora Machel, Cape Town whose house has been infested with cockroaches and she can’t control it.

Gladys fears even serving people tea or food in her house because the chances of a cockroach being inside are very high.

“Ever since these cockroaches came into our lives, we can’t find peace. We need help. We want to enjoy a cup of tea without cockroaches swimming in the cup!” she told Daily Sun

The cockroaches in Gladys’ house don’t just end in the kitchen either, she was embarrassed once on a taxi when a man notice a ‘roach on her clothes and gave it to her.

“He gave it back to me and said, here’s your cockroach, madam. I was so embarrassed."

You’re probably thinking that she should buy a can of doom or call an exterminator but it’s not that simple for her. She stated that she had tried everything but nothing seems to work.

“I have tried using many household insecticides, but nothing works. It seems the more I try to kill them the more they multiply.”

A sangoma has given her advice to keep the home clean because cockroaches are not really associated with curses.

KD Kheswa, a 25-year veteran sangoma from Nyanga kasi, said she has never associated cockroaches with curses and added “If you keep your house clean, there will be no cockroaches. Make sure there is no food or dirty dishes left in the sink before going to sleep."

Source: Daily Sun

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