A dance for the Lord (2/7)

By Drum Digital
02 June 2015

Even a street kid can fall in love . . .

She didn’t share her father’s views. I still remembered her shy smile and the look she gave me the last time I bought a pie with my hardgotten coins in her father’s spaza. Well, I was going to give the father a big surprise today . . .

Behind me the other two altar boys had arrived and were sorting out their cassocks and vestments in between suppressed sounds of rude jokes and breathless tales. They fell quiet when Father Rodrigues walked in to put on his robes for Mass and arranged his broad tasseled sash carefully. Whatever sinning we might have done on the streets during the week, on Sundays we put on a good show for Mass in Rosettenville, the altar boys and I.

The church, being neighbours with the racecourse, and in the midst of drug dealers in La Rochelle, was never short of sinners.

Father Rodrigues started fussing. “Where are the two candle bearers? Oh, there you are – good. Remember, you two must keep together and in step. And Julius, don’t let the cross wave about like a flag in a windstorm.”

We left the sacristy in a solemn procession.

To be continued...

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