A dance for the Lord (3/7)

By Drum Digital
03 June 2015

Even a street kid can fall in love . . .

As befitting the senior altar boy, and being the tallest, I was in the lead, holding aloft a small wooden cross fixed to the end of a chrome pole with one hand and clanking a small brass bell in the other. Father Rodrigues brought up the rear and he set the pace – a very sedate one.

As we drifted past my girl’s pew, I glimpsed her face from the corner of my eyes, turned to our little group. Yes, it’s me, I wanted to shout. Instead, I smiled broadly as if God himself had patted me on the head. I even forgot that a smile like that showed off the gaps in my front teeth.

I shook the bell with extra vigour – ting-a-ling . . . ring . . . ring . . ., ignoring Father Rodrigues’ admonishments that I was only to give three distinct rings in honour of the Holy Trinity.

At the top of the aisle, we regrouped in the vestibule and started down the centre aisle towards the altar. I was eager to get down to my girl’s pew again but a discreet cough from Father Rodrigues put shackles on my ankles and we resumed our slow march.

To be continued...

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