A dance for the Lord (4/7)

By Drum Digital
04 June 2015

Even a street kid can fall in love . . .

When I saw my girl’s head turned towards the aisle as we approached, my heart leaped with excitement. I could not return her look by meeting her eyes, so I gave an extra ting-a-ling as we went by.

With much bowing and scurrying we took our stations in the sanctuary. Father Rodrigues fiddled with the markers in his Big Book and opened the service with, “Let us pray.” The choir was in enthusiastic form, lyrics flashed red on the big digital screen and we were off, not to the races, but to the celebration of Holy Communion.

For the rest of the Mass I had to keep a straight face and not let my eyes wander about. I remained seated throughout and let the junior altar boys do all the skivvy work – walking and bowing to the altar while helping the Father with the offerings of gifts, and passing goblets of water and wine and platters of wafers.

When the time came to pass the collection purse around, I was the first one to start my round.

To be continued...

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