A dance for the Lord (6/7)

By Drum Digital
05 June 2015

Even a street kid can fall in love . . .

She looked flustered, perhaps even blushing, which made her sweet face look even more delicate. After the collection, I took my station in the sanctuary again and waited impatiently for Holy Communion to be over.

The junior altar boys would clean up all the empty chalices and plates and fold the napkins to take away from the altar. When Father pronounced, “Go in peace”, I was up in a flash and into the pews. I knew what was coming next.

The congregants remained standing and turned to each other along and across the pews, strangers shaking hands – perhaps even exchanging little hugs – all of it to murmurs of “Peace be with you”. When I slipped into my girl’s pew, my way was blocked by a stout mama. As I tried to squeeze past her, she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer for a motherly hug. Over her shoulder, I saw my girl’s confused face. When I extricated myself from mama’s clutches, I hugged my girl who yielded to my arms. Fortunately, the father was distracted by the exchange of brotherly greetings with his neighbours.

“Why don’t you come by the shop anymore?” she whispered in my ear. My heart lurched and my spirit soared. I savoured that moment even as the father turned towards me. Before surprise could register on his face, I was squeezing his hand.

To be continued...

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