A friendly ‘teacher’ in your hand

By Drum Digital
22 March 2014

We know an iPad is great to play with, but have you realised it’s also great to learn with? In cooperation with iSchoolAfrica, an organisation that focuses on introducing the best technologies and teaching practices to under-resourced school in South Africa, we searched for the best educational apps to help your children with their homework.


  • My Script Calculator: This app recognises your child’s handwriting so they can do mathematical calculations on an iPad.
  • Math Sheet: An app enabling children to do all sorts of mathematical calculations. It looks just like a workbook.
  • Quick Graph: A simple app that makes it easy to visualise comparisons.


  • Writer’s Hat: This app generates ideas for creative writing, orals and creative thought.
  • Shakespeare Pro: A wonderful app containing all Shakespeare’s original works. With the aid of this, your child can share notes with other children. Character sketches and summaries of each scene can help with exam preparation.
  • English-Afrikaans Dictionary Free: This free app is a bilingual dictionary that your child can carry in their pocket.


  • Anatomy 3D: Organs: This app contains 27 models with descriptions, videos and many other resources on human anatomy.
  • The Elements: A Visual Exploration: Inject new life into the static periodic table with this interactive app.


  • Accounting equation: It’s never been this easy to learn accountancy. Simple accounting transactions can be jotted down by using the accountancy equation.
  • Accounting Quiz: Practise simple accountancy problems with this app. A fun way of learning the basics of accountancy.

- Shané Barnard

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