A job for Sophie 2/3

By Drum Digital
17 December 2013

Sophie has got a surprise for her mom which might help their financial predicament.

??Haai, Sophie, it was a bad day at work,'' her mother said quietly. ??Ten people were laid off. Things don't look good; I don't know how long I will have my job.'' ??Don't stress, mama, you'll find something else. Maybe even a better job.'' ??You think it's easy to find work? You don't know  anything about life, my girl. It might take me months to find a job, and in the meantime, what will we eat?'' Sophie was silent.  Her mother sounded very serious ? she realised how important it was for her to start earning money quickly.

The next morning she took the dress she'd made to the woman at the clothing stall. ??You said I should show you what I can make,'' she said shyly. Sophie watched anxiously as the woman pulled at the seams and turned it inside out and examined the finish. ??Not bad,'' the woman said. ??How much do you want for it?'' Sophie didn't know what to say but before she could speak the woman said briskly, ??How about R25?'' ??That will be fine,'' she said, thrilled. The little dress hadn't cost a cent to make! ??Can you make 10 of these? In different sizes?'' ??No problem,'' Sophie said, feeling confident. Then she remembered she'd made the little dress from scraps. ??Will it be all right if they are different colours?'' ??That's fine,'' the woman said. ??What's your name, by the way? ??Sophie Dlamini.'' ??Mine is Hester Xotongo. I'll see you next Friday, then.'' Next Friday she'd have R250! She pictured herself giving it to her mother and saying ??This is what I've earned, Mama!'' But she'd have to buy the fabric for the dresses. And the buttons. She took the R20 and went straight to Mr Padayachee's fabric shop where his son, Daljeet, worked behind the counter. Sophie and Daljeet were old friendsand she knew he fancied her. She hoped his father wasn't around. She was in luck. ??I've got a problem, Daljeet,'' she said, giving him her best smile. ??I need some fabricbut I've only got R20. I can pay you the rest on Friday.'' ??My Dad will kill me,'' Daljeet said. ??But how can I say no to you?'' She grinned. He measured and cut the bright fabric she choseand she noticed he'd cut quite a lot extra. She added some buttons and thread and pocketed the slip. ??I'll pay you Friday, Daljeet. Thanks a million.'' She'd still have R180 profit!

With a skip she headed home to her sewing machine. When her mother came home she'd already started sewing the first one. The bits and pieces were lying all over. ??Pack away this stuff, Sophie,'' her mother said crossly.'' Sophie obeyed and said nothing. She'd keep her work as a surprise.

Story by: Dudu Sibanya

To be continued...

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