A loud awakening

By Drum Digital
20 June 2014

Sipho believed in waiting for the right time to have children, and this was most certainly not it . . . was it?

On Wednesday evening Sipho came home from work to find his wife, Wame, sitting in the dark kitchen, sobbing.

“Wame! What is it, my angel? Did you burn the supper? Don’t worry, I’ll just get a takeaway for us.”

But Wame shook her head wildly. No! It wasn’t the supper.

“Well, what is it? Did you have a bad time at work? Was Mrs Mokae unkind?” Wame worked at a jewellery store in the mornings and her boss could be quite a dragon.

Again Wame shook her head. Sipho stood behind her chair. He wrapped his arms around his wife and held her tightly

It distressed him to see her crying like this, and lately she seemed to be crying quite often. Any sad film set her off. The sight of a beggar at the robots moved her to a flood of tears. Even a beautiful sunset seemed to make her cry.

Sipho couldn’t bear to see her upset.

They had been married for two and a half years now and he was still as in love with her as he’d been on their wedding day.

“For better, for worse. In sickness and health. To love and to cherish.” That’s what he had promised and Sipho took his vows seriously. He made an effort every day to be a good, sensible, responsible husband. But good husbands shouldn’t have wives that kept bursting into tears.

“Please, Wame, tell me what’s wrong,” he begged. He sat down at the kitchen table across from her, patiently waiting until she could speak.

To be continued......

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