A loud awakening 4/5

By Drum Digital
26 June 2014

Sipho believed in waiting for the right time to have children, and this was most certainly not it . . . was it?

At first he thought he was hallucinating, hearing imaginary noises.

Then he told himself it was probably just the television. Perhaps Wame had put on some cartoons for little Gift to watch. But then Sipho was forced to admit the sound coming down the small passage was his wife shouting.

Screaming, in fact. Sipho stood at the front door, not sure if he dared to walk into the house.

Not sure if he even wanted to.

What on Earth was going on?

Had Wame found out that young children were more of a handful than she’d ever dreamed possible?

Had the little boy broken one of the ornaments that her late mother had left her?

Or had he made a mess on her favourite sheepskin rug? Maybe he was just a very naughty little boy – since his mother also yelled at him.

Still, Sipho was finding it hard to believe what he was hearing. How could one afternoon of babysitting turn his lovely, gentle wife into a screaming lunatic?

And if one afternoon with a small child could do this, then how on Earth would she cope with a child of her own? Because that was one thing he did understand about babies: once you had one – that was it!

They were yours forever and ever, day and night, summer and winter.

You couldn’t give them back or change your mind and ask for a refund. Sipho heard the kitchen door opening and steeled himself, expecting to see his wife in a bad state with wild eyes. But when Wame saw him she smiled sweetly.

In her usual gentle voice she said,“Hi Sipho! I’m so glad you’re home. Come to the kitchen and you can have some fun with Gift too. He’s just the loveliest little boy! And his mom just phoned. She’ll be away another hour still.

“What do you think, shall we take him out into the garden to see the birds now?”

With his mouth dry and his heart still shuddering, Sipho followed his wife into the kitchen. Everything seemed normal there.

Little Gift sat on the sheepskin rug, well away from the stove.

He was eating a piece of toast and honey, making happy toddler sounds. Honey dripped onto the rug, but Wame didn’t seem to mind.

Sipho felt like he had walked into some crazy movie set. He took a very deep breath.

To be continued….

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