A man killed his neighbour's son for playing music too loud

By Drum Digital
01 December 2013

A man shot and killed his neighbour's son and wounded two friends in Alberton for allegedly playing music too loud, Rapport newspaper reported on Sunday.

Retired estate agent Dave Ridgeway, 66, allegedly hid in Peter Robertson's garden in Brackendowns.

When Robertson, 19, arrived, he was ordered by Ridgeway to lie on the ground. Ridgeway then fired three shots, one of which hit Robertson in the head, according to the newspaper.

Robertson's friend Calvin Main was also shot in the leg, while Jonathan de Freitas managed to miss the third shot.

Ridgeway then attempted to flee, but fell in the pool, where he repeatedly tried to shoot himself in the head but failed because the revolver was wet.

The 66-year-old was taken into police custody.

Upon investigation, a detailed plan and suicide letter was allegedly found on his laptop.

Ridgeway was divorced and faced financial problems. This prompted him to move into a guesthouse next to the Robertsons four months ago, according to the report.

He had continuously complained to the Robertsons about the loud music that Peter played in his car and inside his house.


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