A mother, a hero

By Drum Digital
07 December 2013

“She’s my hero, pillar of strength and my mother."

My name is Richbeth de Koker (23) can I introduce you to my 46 year-old mom Elizabeth de Koker (46).

I remember when I left home for the boarding school, I asked her please not give anything away while I was away, because she always had beautiful stuff and she will give it away.

With benefit of hindsight I am so proud that she continues to inspire others here in Bethlehem, Free State Province.

At church, she’s known as a person who gives a lot.

Not only is she’s my mom to me and my brother, Chad, but to many others out there.

Last July she organized a Mandela Day, where she gave groceries to 50 families from the informal settlement.

In 2011, she gave over 200 kids’ Christmas gifts.

Our house is not ours only anymore but is opened to everyone who wants to be part of our family.

I remember one of the local Spar used to give her boxes of bread and cakes and when she goes to church, she will take them with to give to people who was in need, by then she was driving a blue polo and one lady said to me, when they see that blue polo on the entrance of Bakenpark, they just knew food is coming.

Mom is not relaxing; she is now involved with a local soccer team.

In 2009, she started having a tournament Karolo Cup, and since that year it has been growing and growing, last year in 2012, Karolo FC was conceived.

In 2013, she organized a fun day for all the boys, coaches and their family, our family was also involved giving out food for the kids who participated that day.

I can talk about my mom until the cows come home.

But what keeps her going?

She lives by the words of beloved Mahatma Ghandi:  “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

-          Richbeth de Koker

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