A new Nonhle for a new year

By Drum Digital
10 January 2012

She caused a huge stir last year with her controversial, sometimes insulting tweets, and in the process collected fans – and

made enemies along the way. Some labelled her behaviour as simple attention seeking while others said that Nonhle Thema was downright crazy (It’s

Nonhle’s World, Drum 7 July 2011). But the 30-year-old former Channel O and Vuzu host has put all that in the past and has started a new chapter in her colourful life.

“I’m over it! Last year taught me to accept my flaws. I’m now over the hate and focused on the love,” she says, referring to her tweets that captured the attention of many and rubbed others up the wrong way, including some well-known celebrities.

“It’s the New Year and here’s to a new me,” she smiles as she sips a glass of ice-cold water to ward off the summer heat. “I’ve moved on and the focus this

year will now be entirely on me – there’s no time to keep stressing about what happened last year.”

Nonhle’s wish for this year is for people to look beyond her tweeting and realise there are other aspects to her. “This doesn’t mean I’ll be going around

trying to prove that I’m a gem,” she says. But then adds for good measure, “I am an awesome chick though.” But just because she says she’s over it,doesn’t mean that her presence won’t be felt on the social networking site.

“I have to tweet. Companies pay me to do so, to put their brands out there because I have such a huge influence,” she says with unabashed candour.

“They know I’m in touch with the market and aware of the latest trends.” You would think that Nonhle would be tired of all the attention she’s received

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