A new pair of eyes (1/4)

By Drum Digital
28 April 2015

Could Busi learn to see the world through her beloved Gogo’s eyes?

Busi had been nagging her parents for the latest iPhone for her 17th birthday. It was not too much to ask as most of her friends had already upgraded, she thought to herself. Her father owned a successful construction company and her mother was a cardiologist, so they really had no excuses.

Being an only child was not only fun, it was more than that: she was Daddy’s little princess. So she was very excited at the prospect of getting every one of her heart’s desires. Her mother was rather heartless for a cardiologist, Busi thought. Lately she had become moody and Busi had even noticed how her father kept his distance from her. Whatever was bugging her mother was none of her business.If she was stressed, she just needed to go to the mall and do a bit of shopping, Busi thought.

She certainly needed it as her dress sense was not up to scratch, according to her fashion-conscious daughter. As soon as she heard her mother’s car come up the driveway, Busi shut the door to her bedroom and locked it. She put her DVD player on high and lay on the bed. She was certainly not in the mood for yet another lecture on being grateful and stuff. It was really not her fault that she had been born into a wealthy family.

She heard the hard knock on her door and reduced the volume. “Please Busi, we have a visitor today,” said her mother. A visitor? Who could it be, she wondered. She decided to open the door, and to her surprise, saw her Gogo standing there. Something was different about her, but Busi couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Gogo! Hello!” she said and went to give her a hug. Her grandmother held out her arms, but Busi was still puzzled. “I’m so happy to be here, we have a lot to talk about,” Gogo said. This confirmed Busi’s suspicions: Her mother had gone all the way to the bundu to fetch her grandmother so that the old lady could try teaching her gratitude. Busi couldn’t have cared less. But at suppertime, Gogo didn’t appear at the table.

“Mama is too tired, she needs to rest,” her mother said. Her father seemed oblivious to what was happening – he was preoccupied with his smartphone. The more Busi thought about it, the more she realised just how ridiculous her mother was.

To be continued...

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