A new pair of eyes (2/4)

By Drum Digital
29 April 2015

Could Busi learn to see the world through her beloved Gogo’s eyes?

Even Dad doesn’t take her seriously, she thought. She quickly ate her veggies to avoid a lecture and headed upstairs to chat on the social networks. She uploaded a new status on Facebook: “The dinosaur is here to set me on the straight and narrow, LOL.” All her friends liked her post or posted a comment, telling her about their own experiences. “Oh boy, you’re in for a ride,” one wrote. Another told her to play pranks on the “telegram”.

After gathering her thoughts about all the pranks available to her, Busi fell asleep.

In the morning, her mother knocked on her door and asked if she could come in. “I’m still sleeping,” Busi mumbled. “I only need a minute,” her mother said, and came in. All dressed up in a pair of black pants and a white shirt, her mother looked as if she was going to a funeral. “I need you to look after Gogo today . . .”

But before she could even finish her sentence, Busi was spitting fire. “Well, I can’t because I’ve already made other plans! You brought her here so, you can take care of Gogo,” she said. “Busi, I will be bringing someone to take care of her at the end of the day. Just make sure she has something to eat before you leave,” her mother said, and walked out the door.

Busi felt the weight of the world on her shoulders. She dragged herself out of bed and decided to prepare cereal with cold milk for the dinosaur – even though it wasn’t her job. She uploaded another status online: “On a shift taking care of Gogosaurus, mxm.” For some reason, when Busi went to Gogo’s room, she was still in bed. “Gogo – here’s your food. I’m about to go to the mall with my friends, so see you later,” she said quickly.

But just before she walked out the door, she noticed something strange about her grandmother. The normally active woman could barely sit up in bed. She was fussing with the pillows and before Busi knew what was happening, her mother’s precious side lamp and a plate of cereal went flying onto the floor. She was blind! Her grandmother had gone blind! All of a sudden the mall didn’t seem that important.

To be continued...

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