A new pair of eyes (3/4)

By Drum Digital
30 April 2015

Could Busi learn to see the world through her beloved Gogo’s eyes?

“Gogo . . . ” Busi began. “I’m so sorry my child. I didn’t mean to break things,” the old woman said, fumbling around, trying to clear up the mess. Busi said, “Gogo leave it, I will do it.” Then she held on to her grandmother tightly. She couldn’t control the tears rolling down her face. Busi cleaned up the mess and made her Gogo a plate of soft porridge. “Your porridge is so delicious my child, your mother has taught you well,” said Gogo.

“Thank you, Gogo,” she responded. Busi thought of all the times she had refused to visit her grandmother because she might be made to cook and clean the house. Her grandmother never allowed her to play with her friends or spend time outside. Instead, she wanted to teach her how to make delicious soft porridge or to mend old dresses. Never in her wildest dreams had Busi ever imagined that her grandmother would need help with anything.

She was tall and pear-shaped. People listened when she spoke. Busi sat beside her grandmother, who had done her best to eat but kept on dropping some porridge on her nightie. “Why did you go blind?” she said. Busi felt stupid after the question had left her mouth. But her grandmother gave a hearty laugh and handed her the bowl.

She said, “My child, when I was your age I watched my father lose both his feet to something called diabetes. “My father was a strong man with big muscles and a very deep voice. He could even scare a lion away, or so I thought. I watched that powerful man get weaker and weaker all because of something we couldn’t see or touch.

“None of us had ever imagined we could lose that man to anything. We thought we had all the time in the world with him so we spent most of our time avoiding him. “How I wish I had made the time to listen to his stories instead of being scared of him,” her grandmother said, as Busi silently wiped tears from her eyes.

“Oh Gogo, I’m so sorry I have not been there for you. I didn’t visit because I thought you made me work too hard,” she confessed.

To be continued...

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