A new pair of eyes (4/4)

By Drum Digital
01 May 2015

Could Busi learn to see the world through her beloved Gogo’s eyes?

Her grandmother hugged her and gave her a big kiss on the forehead. “I see how you and your mother don’t talk anymore. I used my time with my mother very well. All those times when she would make me cook and clean and watch her sew clothes for our family, those were sacred times for us.

“I saw her passion and felt her love even though she had no material things to offer us,”her Gogo continued. “But Gogo, today everyone has cellphones and the latest designer clothes.” Busi wanted to state her case. “But does everyone know a mother or father’s love?” Gogo asked.

There was silence while Busi pondered the question. “Isn’t it love when they buy me stuff?” she asked. “Will you miss the stuff they bought you – or them – one day when they’re gone?” came the reply.

Just then Busi heard her mother’s car come up the driveway. And for the first time since she had become a teenager, Busi felt a rush of love and was excited about seeing her mom. She recalled how, as a child, she would wait at the daycare gate for her to arrive. How her mother would carry her and spin her around. Only then did she realise how much she missed her mother’s love.

When her mother walked into the bedroom, Busi rushed into her arms and clung to her. “What’s the matter?” her mother asked, worried. “Nothing,” Busi grinned. “Except I love you mom,” she said, “and I haven’t made time to tell you lately.”

The end.

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