A red, red rose (2/7)

By Drum Digital
07 July 2015

True love always comes out on top.

She pointed to the door, “Outside.” He told his nephew, “Oupa, I want you to decide. It’s either nyaope or you toe the line.” “Eish, Uncle . . . I told you – I don’t . . .” “Shut up! That’s not negotiable. I’m the ownerable! It’s my way or the highway.”

It had been five years since the passing of Dipuo and Oupa’s mother. Owner was making ends meet with the meagre salary he earned at the butchery. He went into the main four-room house to give some instructions to Dipuo. He was still swearing under his breath, saying, “I wonder where this nyaope thing comes from. Sies!” But he didn’t see Oupa slip into the back room. When he was ready, he pulled on the jeans. Outside, he made doubly sure the door was locked and jumped on his bicycle.

At 6.20 am he rolled into Takapori. There was no sign of the sleepless night she’d endured. Lea’s beauty always seemed to outshine any difficulty. She had skin the colour of organic maple syrup, and an enchanting smile that lit up the dullest day.

Three years back, when they had first fallen in love, she was fresh from a disappointment – Thipe had dropped her with a baby. “Hello, Owner,” the petite beauty greeted him as he parked the bicycle.

To be continued...

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