A red, red rose (4/7)

By Drum Digital
09 July 2015

True love always comes out on top.

This is to tell you that I value our precious gift of love!”

Then he called Owner and gave him the car keys with the flowers, saying, “Take these to my wife.” On the way, Owner smelled the flowers, smiling. He envied the life of the rich. They could buy roses for their women, just to rekindle the fire. How romantic! The cherry on top was to have someone to send on such an errand.

The reception at the big house was shocking. Mma Lerole screamed, “Tell Lerole that I’m not for sale. Tell him that he must send these flowers to his cheap concubines!” The flowers were sent flying through the door like a kite. They landed upright, like an expertly-thrown javelin, on top of a white rose bush in her well-manicured garden.

As Owner was starting the car the woman stood at the door, shouting, “Don’t leave that rubbish on top of my white roses!” So Owner separated the red bouquet from the white roses; he could feel the heat of her eyes boring holes in his back.

When Lerole got the report, he took the flowers, put them on his table and shrugged: “Typical woman. They always play hard to get.” That afternoon as Owner was cycling from Mokasa to Takapori, Thipe was already there, summoned by Lea’s mother.

To be continued...

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