A red, red rose (5/7)

By Drum Digital
10 July 2015

True love always comes out on top.

The child needed to be rushed to the clinic. Desperate and worried, Lea went along, and her mother sat in the centre, holding the sick toddler. A short distance after the bridge, the cyclist saw the dust of the speeding bakkie. Then a strange thing happened. The driver seemed to lose control and he came at him head-on!

Owner swerved the bicycle to the side of the road as the bakkie skimmed past him. He thudded into one shrub and his wheels into another. Lea screamed, “Hey! Stop the car! Are you trying to kill him?” “I was dodging a pothole,” Thipe said as he pulled over. Lea jumped out and rushed across the road to Owner.

Apart from scratches and the dust, he looked okay. But when he disentangled his bicycle from the shrub, its front wheel was awkwardly bent and it needed repairs. He picked it up and threw it onto the bakkie.

“Hey, who told you to jump on my bakkie?” Thipe shouted. Lea told him, “Shut up. You’re the cause of all of this!” She stood there, holding the door, as her eye caught sight of an artistic marvel. “Oh look, Owner! Are those roses for me?” They all turned.

To be continued...

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