A red, red rose (6/7)

By Drum Digital
10 July 2015

True love always comes out on top.

The bouquet stood proudly at the top of the shrub as if it had been fixed there intentionally – to add a spark to the wonders of nature. It took Owner by surprise. The last place he’d seen the flowers was in Lerole’s office. How they had ended up in the bike carrier was a mystery. And now they were standing upright on top of the shrub – the same trick they’d performed with Mma Lerole’s white flowers. He went to retrieve the roses.

Thipe wanted to complain, but Owner called him to order, “Shut up! Drive. I’m the ownerable here.”

At Mokasa, he got off and the bakkie sped away. He rushed home, with the bicycle on his shoulder. He threw it on the stoep and went next door. He always knew how to negotiate with his cousin. He owned a tractor and when he saw the R100 in Owner’s hand he gave him the key.

At Buxton Clinic, the nurse gave the child medication and promised that he would be fine. Then Owner arrived, heralded by the deafening sound of the tractor.

To be continued...

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