A Shower of Blessings

By Drum Digital
02 February 2011

SHE warns she doesn’t want to look like a “fat, swollen cumulus cloud” and if we don’t oblige she’ll send Jozi yet another thunderstorm – maybe even with hail this time! Charged – that’s the best way to describe SABC2’s Morning Live weather presenter today. And we do our best to comply because nobody likes to look big in photos, especially a woman who makes her living by being in the public eye. But Andile Masuku will have to forgive us if she looks a little larger these days – after all, she is seven months pregnant.

The last time she featured in DRUM she was already four months pregnant, a fact she didn’t share at the time (A breath of fresh air, 25 November 2010). She didn’t mind the pictures that we took of her all that much but took exception to a screen grab of her presenting the weather that we published as well.

Read the article in the Drum of 10 February 2011 – and share your views below.

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