A Smile and A Song 3/3

By Drum Digital
27 March 2014

Dumi couldn't believe it when 'Miss Glam' smiled at him.

Mrs Khoza strode into the lounge carrying the dessert.

“What have you men been up to?” she asked. “Talking about us, I hope.” And she looked meaningfully to her husband who was still engrossed in the big screen.

Mr Khoza turned the sound down. “Oh, we’ve been discussing his plans for the future.”

“Dumi’s been working very hard on becoming a recording artist,” Priscilla said. “His lecturer thinks he’s got real talent.”

“He sings at a talent show,” Mr Khoza said.

“Oh,” said Mrs Khoza. “Well then, why don’t you sing us one of your songs while I serve up something sweet?”

Dumi clutched the guitar and softly strummed the strings, easing into the opening chords. It was a song from his heart that told of a lone woman in a hilltop hut, of a young boy who seldom saw his father.

Of the mother’s lifetime struggle to raise the boy and the painful memories of poverty that lingered.

And the endurance of hard days that slowly killed any dreams. His voice fell away as the closing words suddenly came to his mind: Fear no more, put aside your burden, there will be light to end the dark.

As the final chord died away, there was silence. Dumi sat with his head bowed. He heard Priscilla’s mother speak.

“Was that a song for your mother? You must have a lot of love in your heart for her.”

He looked up and saw her dab her eyes with a handkerchief. Mr Khoza reached out to his wife and stroked her shoulder while nodding slowly at Dumi.

Dumi looked uncertainly at Priscilla. She was smiling at him with that beautiful smile of their first meeting.

And he knew that, yes, there was light in his life.

-by Tom Serengeti

To be continued...

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